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Make Beer Not War

Beer in its simplest, most pure form, is made from these three ingredients: hops, barley, and yeast—plus water. The styles and flavors possible from just these three ingredients are vast due to the wide variety of hops available and many different ways in which barley malt is malted and kilned. Through the millennia since humans first stumbled upon the secrets of fermenting, beer has included many other ingredients, from honey and herbs to oats and fruit. Today we beer lovers are enjoying a renaissance of beer creativity, and flavors are being combined in just about every way imaginable. Even the purists have to admit some of these concoctions are very, very tasty. Chocolate raspberry stout, orange cranberry spice beer, maple pumpkin ale ale... Don't they sound wonderful? Yet, even exotic sounding beers such as these start with the basic prime ingredients of hops barley and yeast.

Recent News

My first book, Sustainable Homebrewing, has just been published by Storey Publishing! It is about eco-friendly brewing. You can order a signed copy directly from me—the order details are here

You can also order an unsigned copy on Sustainable Homebrewing: An All-Organic Approach to Crafting Great Beer

Another option: check with your local independent bookseller... they might stock it! After you read the book, an honest review on Amazon is also very much appreciated. The only way I can continue to improve my craft as a writer is with practice and the feedback of my readers! If you want to converse with me about home brewing, the book, or other related topics, visit my Facebook page and say hello :)

Beer, Art, and Inspiration

This website is a collection of ideas, a celebration of the art of beverage and food, and a celebration of the earth that sustains us. Here is where I'll share stuff that I know about brewing and sustainable living, through pictures, tutorials, recipes, and conversation. The main focus here (if you have not guessed it already!), is about brewing beer at home in an eco-friendly fashion. This site is also about me, so it is a showcase of the many creative things I do, from writing and blogging, brewing and farming, and web design. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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