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Blogging, Pillaging, and Plundering

Pirate chef clip art

I have been keeping a blog since I left the corporate life of working 60 hour plus weeks. Since then I have been able to focus on building a farm, developing my writing, graphics, and homesteading skills, and embracing the pirate side of my personality. Which all give me a dearth of subjects to write about! This blog was my first foray into the realm of Wordpress, and I found the waters a little tricky to navigate. A friend of mine has a web design company, Iversen Design, that specializes in Wordpress driven websites. He has been an immense help in putting together a Wordpress site. It is still a work in progress, and I am not yet satisfied with the look and feel of it. You have been warned!

A recent picture of Amelia dressed as a pirate

Are you are wondering what the heck is up with my interest in pirates? One reason for my interest is that I love how pirates strive to take back from the ne'er do wells and share it amongst themselves. In some cases they even share the loot with other societal outcasts as well. Yes, that is a glamorization, but it does resonate more keenly these days when the income disparity in our country rivals that of medieval times. Something has to change, and the occupy movement has more than a little in common with the pirates of times past.

Another reason I love pirates is it allows me to cut loose and have a bit of fun once a year when I dress up as a pirate and join my mates at an annual pirate festival. I help out with this event by making sure there is plenty of fresh home brewed beer which I donate to this private event. I also serve as the Pirate Fest Quartermaster tasked with making sure everyone who joins the annual voyage pays their fair share of the cost.