Amelia Loftus eco home brewer

Eco-Brewing Writer & Designer

• Home brewing as an integral part of a self sufficient sustainable lifestyle •

Graphic and Web Design

Stop the dump banner

I have been interested in artistic layout and graphic design since high school. After years of focusing on other professional interests, I finally came to my senses and recognized a common pattern throughout my working life: In almost every job, whenever I have had the opportunity, I have taken on creative projects.

When I worked at Greenpeace, that interest combined with extensive seamstress experience naturally led me to work on banners. These were often laid out by hand using nearly obsolete typographic techniques, but when we had access to a computer and projector, we would do the layout with a computer program and then use a projecter to trace the design onto the banner. The banner to the right was laid out by hand and hand painted by volunteers.

Most of the graphics projects I have worked on in the past 18 years were for the homebrew business I managed. There, I did nearly all of the print and web design. Out of necessity, I taught myself the basics of Photoshop, Indesign, and Dreamweaver. Now I use these skills to promote my writing, design work, and our farm on the web and in print.

Currently I am working towards my AA degree in Digital Media with an emphasis on web design. My background has made it a little easier to learn web design at Cabrillo, but despite years of experience, I still have lots to learn (and unlearn).