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Fresh Micro Roasted Coffee

Our signature Micro Farm Blend organic coffee

I am truly a coffee geek. I drink too much of the stuff and have been roasting coffee as a hobbyist for over 10 years. Last year I decided to go pro on a small scale as a way to help our farm bring in much needed revenue from farm produced goodies. Although our climate is not conducive to growing coffee, by roasting it locally the transport and packaging costs are reduced. Here at the farm we roast in small batches on our propane and solar powered coffee roaster the day before delivery. Roasting it fresh just before delivery insures the coffee is at it's peak flavor and freshness.

Our farm roasts organic fairly traded coffee, produced by small scale micro farmers who often do all of the processing by hand or with Co-op facilities in their own community. Each individual coffee is roasted to its optimum flavor, which is indicated as our standard roast for the variety. We can also roast coffee to your custom preference with a minimum order of just one pound.

You can order coffee from me for shipment or delivery by following the below link to my Paypal store. I also deliver throughout Santa Cruz county. Delivery is free every other Friday with a minimum order of $20, or $10 per delivery for regular subscribers!

Order Coffee Here Or Email your order for free Santa Cruz area delivery!

Current Micro Farm Roasted Offerings

Most of the coffee we offer is single origin, meaning it is unblended and comes from one farm or group of farms. Because most coffee farmers harvest on a seasonal basis, the types of coffee we have available will change from season to season. This means we might not have a favorite coffee of yours year round. But rest assured, we will always have some wonderful options to choose from! Below is a sampling of our offerings. Visit our store to see them all!

Micro Farm organic coffee packed in a biodegradable valve bag

Some Of Our Current Coffee Offerings

Microfarm Blend: A good value for a delicious everyday coffee. We blend Central and South American varieties to produce a smooth, balanced cup with a rich earthy character. All of the varieties in the blend are top quality organic, Fair Trade, Arabica coffees. Always available. $10 for 1 lb.

Colombia Sierra Nevada: A nice smooth coffee with hints of cocoa. Grown in the high mountains of northern Colombia by small indigenous farmers who revere nature. Standard roast is Full City (medium dark). $12 for 1 lb.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe: A bright, citrusy coffee with a floral aroma and a light chocolate note. Grown by small farmers who are part of a Co-op they use to process this fine coffee. Our standard roast is City plus (medium). $12 for 1 lb.

Guatamala Chajulense: A semi sweet coffee, medium bodied with a silky chocolate texture. The flavor is rich and earthy and finishes with hints of berry and tangerine citrus. Grown by Maya Quiche farmers who formed their own cooperative in 1990 to resist exploitation by unscrupulous brokers. Our standard roast is City+ (medium). $12 for 1 lb.

Honduras Victor Sanchez Estate: A mild and sweet coffee with very clean flavors that are not muddled by blending of coffee from different farms. This is one of the benefits of a coffee that comes from a single estate. The sweet aroma is accentuated with hints of vanilla and almond, and the rich nutty taste finishes with a smooth cocoa note. Our standard roast is City+ (medium). $12 for 1 lb.

Eco-Friendly Roasting & Packaging

The nano coffee roaster at Hidden Fortress Micro Farm

Solar & Propane Powered Coffee Roasting

The micro scale coffee roasting machine we use is a fluid air bed roaster with a two pound capacity. It uses a barely perceptible amount of propane to roast each batch. The control board is plugged into the farm's off grid solar power system for roasting except for very cloudy days. On the right is a picture of our trusty roaster in action!

Packaging Options

All of the coffee bags we use to package our coffee in are biodegradable! Freshly roasted coffee is at its best if enjoyed within one week from the roasting date unless it is packaged in protective bags such as the biodegradable valve bags we offer below, or stored in the freezer. By freezing or packaging in valve barrier bags, the optimum freshness will last up to six weeks.

Compostable tin-tie bags: These bags, shown in the picture at the top of this page, can be composted in a home compost. Simply remove the wire tab (and recycle it), and toss the bag in your compost pile, where it will break down just as quickly as a paper grocery bag. All orders for local delivery are packed in these bags unless otherwise requested.

Biodegradable valve bags:These bags, pictured above on the right, are made from 100% biodegradable materials, including the plastic valve. This special one way valve allows the C02 and other gasses that are normally emitted from fresh roasted coffee to escape without allowing any oxygen into the bag. This packaging preserves the fresh roasted flavor for weeks instead of days, and this protection lasts until the bag is opened. All orders that are shipped are packed in these bags unless otherwise requested.